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Embrace Sustainability and Cost Savings with Air-Cooled Technology

Transform Your Cooling Efficiency with Air-Cooled Systems!

Are you still relying on outdated Once-through Cooling (OTC) systems for your commercial or industrial cooling needs? It’s time to make a change! Traditional OTC systems, serving in walk-in coolers, freezers, air conditioners, wok stoves, and ice machines, are not only heavy on water usage but also hit you hard in operational costs if connected to city water supply. These systems guzzle down potable drinking water only to discharge it straight into the sewer, leading to soaring water bills and environmental concerns.

By converting your water-cooled equipment to air-cooled technology, you’re not just saving on hefty water bills; you’re also saying goodbye to the annual hassle and expense of backflow-prevention device testing.

The Best Part?

The switch to our air-cooled systems typically pays for itself in just 2 years on light commercial duty refrigeration systems! That’s right – with our solution, you are not only opting for an environmentally friendly alternative, but you’re also making a smart financial decision that pays back in no time.

Make the switch to our air-cooled systems today and step into a world of efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable cooling solutions. Your wallet and the planet will thank you!

Diagram of the Refrigeration Cycle:

Quick Guide: Identifying Your Cooling System

Confused about whether you have an OTC or an air-cooled refrigeration system? Here’s how to tell: OTC systems are linked to a water supply and drain, a telltale sign for appliances that usually don’t need these connections.

But here’s a tip for ice makers: if it’s Energy Star certified, it’s definitely air-cooled. This simple check can help you distinguish between the two types, guiding you towards more efficient and sustainable cooling solutions.

Typical Examples of OTC Equipment May Include:
  • Refrigeration compressor units for walk-in coolers and freezers

  • Ice-making machines

  • Server room cooling systems

  • Air conditioners

  • Heat pumps

Air-cooled condensers stand out as they don’t need water supply or drain connections. But be aware, air-cooled ice makers still require these connections for making ice, making them harder to differentiate from water-cooled types. A key hint: air-cooled condensers, especially in split or remote systems, are often located away from the main unit, like in another room or on a rooftop. If it’s outdoors, it’s likely air-cooled.

Example 1

Small coolers – 0.5 GPM unit = 0.004759746 x 60 minutes x 0.5 GPM = $0.14 hour (approx. $2.52 a day or $919.80 a year)

Example 2

Walk in cooler (walk in freezer) – 2 GPM unit = 0.004759746 x 60 minutes x 2 GPM = $.57 per hour (approx. $10.26 a day or $3,744.90 a year)

Example 3

Average restaurant ice machine 1500lb machine (one head) can use 5.3 GPM = 0.004759746 x 60 minutes x 5.3 GPM = $1.51 per hour ($25.73 day or $ 9,391.88 a year) Below are approx. GPM for water cooled. Should be comparable to most machines.

» 500 lb machine 1.55 GPM

» 1000 lb machine 4.33 GPM

» 1500 lb machine 5.3 GPM

» 2000 lb machine 6.8 GPM

A Basic Water Calculation:

» Water rate - $1.26/m3

» Sewer rate - $1.07/m3

» 1 cubic meter = 264.72 gallons water

» $1.26 / 264.72 = 0.004759746 cents/gallon

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