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We Have Gone Paperless!

Committed Partners in Helping Our Clients Succeed

We are excited to announce that we have gone paperless

Honesty and transparency in our operational processes have always been something that we strive for with accurate and detailed reporting that shows our customers exactly where their money is being spent. Our computer system tracks to the penny! Whether we replace a part or just spend time on any equipment on your site, our system tracks it. How do we do this? Any parts or labour that is charged for your repairs or maintenance is attached to that piece of equipment. If it’s not attached to something we simply cannot bill for it. This will ensure that you can get accurate costs on a single piece, a site, or your HVAC vs Refrigeration costs. The bottom line is, if you have spent money with us we can tell you exactly where it went. This will help you manage YOUR BOTTOM LINE.

Although the above has always been our best practice, with the introduction of our paperless platform, Remote Field Server (RFS), this information has become more accessible and its accuracy unparalleled as it allows our technicians to be fully integrated with the back office which supports in providing further precision in our reporting and tracking. This allows our technicians to have full access to our database at their fingertips providing them access to information such as previously completed repairs on specific buildings. Our techs can now record, track and communicate requests from the field to the office instantaneously. Not only are we minimizing our carbon footprint, but we are also more efficient, connected and effective!  

How this benefits our customers: 

  • Our technicians now have real time access to our internal database giving them access to crucial site information such as previous repairs.

  • Access to our inventory, not only in our warehouse but other vans to help us source parts efficiently to get you up and running quickly.

  • Our technicians are now able to work with live, to the moment, data allowing for stronger decision-making and well-rounded recommendations.

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